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Why Are My Outlets Buzzing?

If you’ve noticed a loud humming sound when you go to plug something in, the problem is likely located in your outlets, not your ears.

Outlet buzzing is a common occurrence, especially in older homes and can be a sign of serious electrical wiring issues in your home.

What’s That Sound?

There are a number of reasons your […]

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5 Surprising Facts About Electricians

In the day to day life of most people who live in modern countries, electricity is something taken for granted. When it doesn’t work or when a home or business owner wants to make changes to what they already have, they call an electrician. Night or day, rain or shine, electricity is a vital part […]

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When to Call an Electrician: Part 3

Well guys, it’s officially time to end the series. We’ve gone through quite a bit during our discussion on When to Call an Electrician. Having talked about so much, it’s amazing that there is still more to say.

For the final installment, we’ll focus on understanding whether or not you even need to call an electrician […]

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When to Call an Electrician: Part 2

It’s official: your office lighting has not been updated since bell bottoms were in style the first time around. Needless to say, your company could really use a lighting update. But, upgrading the lighting in your business, along with maintaining a backup generator, are not simple fixes. You will definitely need to call an electrician. […]

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When to Call an Electrician: Part 1

Can’t I just fix this myself? Should I or shouldn’t I? We’ve all been down that road, asking ourselves when or when not to make that call to the electrician. To help clarify when you should place that call, we sat down with master electrician, Phil Davis of Texas Electrical to discuss general concerns dealing […]

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Locating Underground Electrical Cable Faults

Overview of underground cable faults
 Before attempting to locate underground cable faults on direct buried primary cable, it is necessary to know where the cable is located and what route it takes. If the fault is on secondary cable, knowing the exact route is even more critical.
Since it is extremely difficult to find a cable fault […]

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10 Energy Saving Tips for Spring

With the start of a new season comes a fresh opportunity to find ways to save energy and money.

Here are just a few simple things you can do to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home as warmer temperatures arrive:

1. Service your air conditioner. Easy maintenance such as routinely replacing or cleaning air […]

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What does an Electrician do?

An electrician specializes in the installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems. These systems include wiring, circuit boards, and electronics. This profession is incredibly varied, and in some parts of the world it can pay very well, due to the three to five year training period required for an electrician to be successful. Consumers […]

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Energy and Power and Confusion and Consternation

I like James Watt as much as the next person. He was one of the people whose inventions helped advance the Industrial Revolution with his refining of the steam engine. He invented an early copying machine. And he was Scottish. (Now you’ll have to read this whole article in the mellifluous accent of Fiona Ritchie.) I […]

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Sparking Outlets, What’s the Cause?

Sometimes, when you plug an electrical appliance into an outlet, you may notice a small blue spark. In most situations, this is a normal event as the electrons begin to flow into the appliance’s power cord. At other times, however, a spark from an electrical outlet could start a fire or severely damage the plug. […]

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