Private Utility Locating Southern IllinoisThinking of calling JULIE?  Know the difference between public and private utility locating.

Are you planning on running electricity to your garage or shed? Installing an underground sprinkler system? Digging up or extending the parking lot for your office building or restaurant? In order to do any of these things — or numerous other construction projects — safely, you have to find out where your utility lines are buried. But it’s important to understand that the utility lines are only owned by the public utility companies up until a certain point. After that, those lines are owned by you or the property owner and are your responsibility. In order to make sure that your construction can proceed with the correct precautions taken, you need to know the exact location of the existing lines on your property. Public utility companies only mark the public utility lines, not the ones that are privately owned.

To have the underground lines that are not owned by the utility company found and marked, you must mark the location yourself or hire a private utility locating company to perform this service for you. Our experience can help you avoid damage to your lines and keep you safe. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor working on a residential or industrial site, in situations where private lines exist, you can call on us to mark the private utilities in your project area.

Public utilities responsibility (or ownership) typically stops at the metering point.

Once that metering point is encountered, the lines may change ownership. Here’s a list of common places where that ownership transfer occurs.

WATER: At the meter or valve near the street.
COMMUNICATIONS: At the interface or connection on the side of the home or building.
ELECTRIC: At the meter.
SEPTIC: Wholly owned by property owner.
WELL: The water and the electric services for wells are wholly owned by the property owner.
PROPANE: The lines to a back-up generator or pool heater are not typically marked by a utility company.
The transfer of public and private responsibility is assumed in some typical places. For example, if you are contemplating a parking lot change, the streetlight wires may be owned by the public utility, but the parking lot lighting wires may not be. Similarly, the electric, water, and communications lines that run from your home to other structures on your property — the garage, guest house, barn, workshop, or pool house — are yours.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that any work done on your property can proceed safely, so call BW Electric today to locate your private utility lines!

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